This blog was begun in the faint hope of consolidating my various translation and grammar notes.  After six years in Japan and a year in Korea, I’ve decided to make a serious attempt at cracking the JLPT N1 exam, but first things are first.  As a review I am going through all my old JLPT 2 Kyu notes and making sure I can still hack the massive jump from JLPT 3 Kyu to 2 Kyu.  The new exam format has eased things somewhat, but N3 is far too easy to bother wasting time on.  Japanese and Korean books, movies, cooking and the occasional manga will certainly creep into this blog.  It’s also turned into a regular musing forum for photography.

About the author
I’ve got a BA from Carleton University in Ottawa(Canada) (East-European and Russian Area Studies/Law) and am working on an MA in History from the University of Edinburgh, specializing in Japanese history with occasional Russian interludes.  My Japanese education consists of about 9 months total at the Yamasa Institute for Japanese Studies in Okazaki, Japan.  I spent most of my time in Japan living in Nagoya (Aichi) and Yamagata(Gifu), along with a brief stint in Okazaki (Aichi).
My hobbies consist of photography, reading, scuba diving, translating, Japanese literature, cooking Korean and Japanese food, and music.


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