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Geometry in architectural design is a source of endless interest.  It’s more easily seen in larger cities with a wider variety of architecture, but it’s there in less urban settings as well.  Railway lines are particularly interesting when travelling in Japan due to the extensive rail network and variety of trains.  As a result of special interests and large corporations, Canadian rail has been reduced from a complex and comprehensive rail network in the 1960s down to a mere freight transport system at the expense of passengers.  A sad result for me, as I love train stations and trains.  Unfortunately the rich have no interest in public transport and despite not paying their share of taxes have managed to disproportionately skew Canadian transit to endless highways and traffic jams.  Politics aside, what catches the eye in this series is the explosion outward with powerful leading lines from a given point of origin. These photos are from Quebec, Toronto, Vienna, Nagoya, Venice, and various train stations around Japan.DSC_1855-2-EditDSC_2084DSC_2744DSC_3353-2-EditDSC_3363-2-EditDSC_4919DSCF1241DSCF3803-EditDSCF5216-2-EditDSCF5246-EditR0000015-2-EditR0000078R0000135R0000178R0000423R0000425-2