Differences between Japan Post and Canada Post

1) The differences in pricing are truly hideous.  Canada Post charges three to four times higher prices for overseas delivery, and on non-air (by ship usually) is not only appallingly expensive, but they are unable to provide even an approximate arrival date.  On sending several large and heavy parcels, Japan Post not only provided affordable prices but were able to provide a possible date of delivery, which turned out to be accurate give or take a couple of days (some of the parcels actually arrived earlier).  Sending the same parcels from Canada to Japan would be unthinkable.
2) Delivery times.  In Japan, you can have things delivered after 1700hrs.  You cannot find any commercial delivery service that will do this in Canada.  Period.  Not FedEx, not UPS, and definitely not Canada Post.  Japan Post and any other courier service I have used in Japan (mostly KuroNeko and EMS) will deliver in a window of time of your choosing.  And actually deliver it during that 3 hour window.  In Canada, it will be delivered during the day, and too bad if you’re not there.  There is nothing else you can do except go out to your local branch of the post office and pick it up yourself.  Why would this be so?  While it might be understandable if you live in a small village, it is not even possible in large urban centres.  Is this really customer service?

Reliable postal service is critical for so many businesses which function off the internet like Amazon and eBay.  Canada’s postal system stinks, and obviously needs a major overhaul.  Fire all senior management, promote some new talent, and sit down and have a serious think about how they are running this infrastructure.  Is it yet another thing which needs government intervention?  Size is not an issue, Canada is a big country with a large economy.  Volume is not an issue.  Japan’s postal service is bigger and has more employees, ditto for the US.  What is the problem?