Although I am not a huge fan of iTunes due to its cumbersome interface and annoyingly un-user friendly aspects, it does generate interesting statistics, particularly after I’ve plugged my iPhone and NanoPod data in.

Top 5 songs I’ve listened to since I started using my current computer:
1) Foot of the Mountain – a-ha
2) I’ll Be There – Hardline
3) Dream On – Shiloh
4) This is Love – Utada Hikaru
5) Shadowside – a-ha

If we strip out my three time a week run music, which hasn’t changed in a while, we get a different picture:

1) Rhythm of Love – Scorpions
2) Reynosa – Emilio Fernandez
3) House of Sleep – Amorphis
4) All You Need is Now – Duran Duran
5) Black Metallic – Catherine Wheel

And finally if we look over the last week, we get:

1) Ultra Soul – B’z
2) Naked Angel – Armand van Buuren
3) Let Thy Will Be Done – Von Hertzen Brothers
4) I Get Around – The Beach Boys
5) Michael Nyman – The Promise

So far in 2012 the top albums have been:

1) Did It For the Money – EP – Wolfsbane
2) Flying Colors – Flying Colors
3) B’z – EP – B’z
4) Sherlock (OST) – David Arnold & Michael Price
5) Awoken Broken – Primal Rock Rebellion