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A lot of people have had the great idea of opening a restaurant.  They seem to think “what will attract that upwardly mobile brand of consumer with money that wants to be hip?”  And the answer, invariably, seems to be opening up yet another sushi restaurant.  Let me explain, in words small in nature, why this is a bad idea.
1) Your sushi sucks: you don’t know how to make sushi properly.  Serving crap fish on badly cooked rice at a temperature just slightly above freezing, does not sushi make. An average sushi chef needs 8-10 years of training to become competent.  Your 3 month food services diploma from college does not cut the mustard.
2) You don’t know what wasabi is.  Wasabi, my friend, does not come from a toothpaste tube.  It is a real plant and costs something on the order of 70$ for half a pound.  Oh…. right… that will cut in to your “all you can eat sushi Friday night special.”
3) You don’t have access to fresh fish.  This would mean going down to a fish market where fish straight off the boat is sold.  Because of it’s quality, you would need to bid high prices against other equally discerning buyers.  Which leads to point 5.
4) You don’t use real ginger.  Honestly now, the pink ginger from the jar is just not right.  Give your head a shake, and sort yourself out
5) You know nothing about fish, and don’t know anyone who does.  In a perfect world, you would know a specialist in each type of fish, who would be able to tell you “sorry, nothing good today.”  In turn, your menu will change daily.  Oh, but that’s too hard, isn’t it.
6) Sushi is served at body temperature.  That means warm, you drivelling cretin.  It has to be made and then immediately served.  You cannot keep it in the fridge.
7) Fish which is not cut properly loses flavour.  So, that set of “really expensive knives from that German company” will simply not do.  Because you don’t know how to take care of your tools, the quality of your cooking is equally appalling.  Count on shelling out a couple of hundred bucks for each knife.  And naturally, because you haven’t been trained properly, even with a decent knife you do a hack job on it anyways.
8) You and all your fast-food trained staff have never had real sushi, so how in the heck did you think you were going to make good sushi anyway?  You drivelling idiot, you really thought that your three weeks in Japan makes you an expert on a cuisine which is at a guesstimate 1200 years old?
9) 99/100 sushi restaurants are run by Chinese or Koreans or white people.  This is no slander against them, they know dumb-ass white people don’t know any better and will pocket your money happily.  However, the moment you stepped inside and knocked your head against a Chinese lantern and observed a “Korea is where the heart is” poster on the wall should have told you something.  A sushi restaurant is kept fanatically clean and with an aesthetic that borders on the Spartan.  Anything else distracts from the food.  Although not all Japanese people are trustworthy, most of them have enough respect for the art of sushi not to even bother since as pointed out above it takes years to become knowledgeable enough to make a decent go of it.
10) You don’t know how to make green tea.  Boiling water just doesn’t make anything except bitter green tea which should immediately be dismissed.
11) Jiro, a man among men when it comes to making sushi, thinks that he still has a lot to learn after roughly 70 years of being at the trade.  Watch the movie, and if you still think you have what it takes, give yourself a smack and realize that you don’t.  No really, you don’t. (http://www.magpictures.com/jirodreamsofsushi/)

The bottom line is, do not open a sushi restaurant.  And if you have one, close it or change it into some crap Chinese buffet restaurant, no-one will notice the 5th Lucky Dragon Buffet being opened, honestly.