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I changed my system to OS-X Mountain Lion from Lion, and I feel that it’s what Lion should have been in the first place.  Much as Snow Leopard improved the efficiency of the system which went before it, Lion should have done the same.  What Lion ended up doing was slowing down my system, making it laggy and causing all sorts of delays where there hadn’t been any before.  And the upside?  Well, there really wasn’t one.  Cursor bars became invisible, and a bunch of older software ceased to work.  Fortunately I didn’t miss most of those programs much, but there were plenty of pissed off video editing suite owners out there.  What has Mountain Lion done for me so far?  Things which I’ve noticed:

1) Aperture 3 all of a sudden is fast and snappy, instead of slow and dragging.  I actually want to load it up and use it now.
2) iTunes has ceased skipping and blurching on occasion.  When I multi-tasked, iTunes was often the first casualty.  As simple an action as scrolling down on Safari would cause iTunes to hiccup.
3) Safari is also faster, web pages are loading quicker and without the same lag in scrolling I often experienced.  Balanced against that is that Safari crashes more often.
4) iCloud works well for document editing between my iPad and Mac, no problems so far.  I now have yet another email address, which I don’t know if I will use.  Perhaps it will be sacrificed to the junkmail gods.
5) My computer has actually started to behave like a computer with 8 gigs of RAM.

Lion was a dog.  A real dog.  I had actually been considering going back to the high speed goodness of Snow Leopard.  I don’t know if Mountain Lion is a return to those heady days, but at least it’s not making me swear at my computer anymore.