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Well, even in this day and age, cultural retards still exist.  Someone please explain to me how it is possible that a flag be mistaken in the days of nearly universal internet in first world countries.  OK, I hear you, Britain is not really a first world country, but more of a second world country given the enormous gap between the few rich and the many Imagepoor.  It also suffers from being a cultural retard with its collective head up its own ass when it comes to anything outside of greater London.  But still… much as I find it amusing watching the North Koreans rant, they do have a point.  They are emphatically not the same country as their souther neighbours.  Sadly political ranting overtook a game which saw the North Korean women see off Colombia 2-0.  Britain, if you want to play international games, take your head out of your ass and do a simple internet search which just might show you that there is more than one Korean nation, for better or for worse.  Get a grip.